The HEBE Experiment


( copyright, Jerico DeAngelo)

 ( Health, Eternal Youth, Beauty, Everlasting Life )

The HEBE experiment (or project HEBE) is a meditative video experiment to attempt to communicate to the unconscious God Self ( infinite part of you), that is the source of everything we experience.

 It is a series of symbolic videos used to find an effective language that influences the subconscious mind in an attempt to effect ones life experience.

This is presuming that the unconscous mind is The Source of the cosmos, the galaxies, the stars, and us.  It is the power that makes everything work. It existed from time immortal and before time ever existed.

This is the part of you which the astral plane exists in, and it speaks to us in feelings, in dreams , in symbols, in colors, in music. It is the place of myth.  It lives beyond logic.... beyond the limits of time and boundaries of space. It is a world that lies beyond the sensible word, where poetry becomes gibberish and everything becomes poetry.


Goal : To use symbolic language of imagery and sound To communicate ( subliminally through the subconscious ) to the unconscious infinite self what you would like to have manifest in your experience. In Video 1, the main message is one of eternal youth, health, and beauty. it is a life in, and as, the flesh body ( which is actually pure energy ) experiencing a state of perpetual renewal


It is my belief that the mind has the ability to communicate and influence all unconscious workings of the world ( and that includes the RNA-DNA and all unconscious workings of the body). This is what I would consider the  HIGHEST FORM OF MAGIC;  My own development of Cyber Magic (Trademark, Jerico DeAngelo) , and is quite real and attainable. We are at a point in our awareness to consciously participate in our own evolution !!


Music: The meditative music accompanying the video images here was created by me as a tool to distract the conscious mind from it’s usual programs ( thoughts).... and open a door to the world beyond conscious logical thought and words. Woven through the music are approximately 100 spoken affirmative messages, mixed just below the volume level of understanding and playing over and over in loops at the same time, for 39 minutes ( * the longer version).  That’s well over 10,000 subliminal spoken messages ! the messages are layered on top of each other simultaneously, creating  a wall of sound chatter that, blended with the music, transport you out of the mundane. Therefore , I have steered away from conventional chord progressions and rhythms so that the mind is distracted.... this is part of the objective.... to distract the conscious mind to open your being to the subconscious messages you are looking at and hearing ! There are few exceptions to the music in which I conformed to tradition.  The most obvious musical tool being the repetitive pulsing bass drums, rhythms, and musical themes I have used. For countless millennium humans have used this repetitiveness ( which mirrors natures rhythms out of chaos) to induce a state of psychedelic trance.


This is a mental/ spiritual experiment and not a strict scientific one. There are many variables allowed... the goals are the results, not to prove the results ! 


1.) To get the most out of this meditation it is recommended to choose a time and place where you will not be disturbed.  Turn off all devices that may influence you subconsciously ( tv shows , Radio)... or at least choose a location that you are sure is free from any words carrying to you ( even erroneous words that may not be discernible ). I find personally that late at night or early morning while the rest of my family is sleeping is the best time for me.

   * Headphones may also be used ( but not essential) to enhance your experience.


2.) try to choose a time when you will not be rushed. It’s better to approach the meditation relaxed and with an attitude of openness and curiosity about the results.


3.) You may choose to turn off the lights. The room is lit by the light from your computer screen. Sometimes I, personally, like to add candle light for ambience.


4.) Position yourself comfortably where you can see the screen and be relaxed for the duration of the video: Sit in a chair, lie in bed. on the floor... I don’t think it matters as long as you are comfortable.


5.) Candles, Incense of your choosing, and any other external objects ( crystals, sigils etc.) you intuitively feel may be useful to your meditation, may be used to enhance the experience.

6.) I find I get the most out of the mediation video when I choose to focus my attention in the center of the screen ( the center of the images), and keep it focused there as the images change.

7.) Use the meditation as often as you wish, or until the results manifest as your reality.You may choose to meditate to the entire video, or just ten minutes of it. This is entirely up to you.        


8.) If you should feel your eyes getting heavy and closing, let them close. Let yourself fall asleep if you would like. The subliminal spoken messages will still be heard by your subconscious mind.

 *** Note: The meditative music used in Video 1, with subliminal affirmations, is the same I used on my album “ SBLMNL MPCT”. In that version of the song, I simply made it more commercial by adding dance beats and catchy synthesizer lines and shortened it from 39 minutes to just over 8 minutes. The version here iis this meditation version and is actually the the original work that inspired the CD.

The Electric Dance Music CD “ SBLMNL MPCT ” is available at:

                          The Future Of The Hebe Experiment

           This is video 1 of a project that will continue well into the future. These                 meditation videos for the most part, will be shortened in length for YouTube          viewers. The Full length versions will be available at cost:

There are countless months and monetary costs that I spend doing research, recording, and editing just one video, with it’s accompanying musical / subliminal recording. The project must somehow be subsidized; Therefore, donations are appreciated. There is no donation too small.  By donating , you help me continue my work by covering costs, that up to now I have invested considerably. 

Donations can be made at :


I would love to hear about your experiences with this meditation.

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