Jerico Climbing Selective New York City EDM Charts

Riding the wave of downloaded and streamed singles from his last two CD releases " Flow Affair ( 2010) " and " SBLMNL MPCT " ( 2013), Jerico DeAngelo continues to climb selective New York City , national , and global EDM charts ... with a current ranking of #6 in the New york City area .

Jerico DeAngelo is poised to launch his new dance record label , OsiriStar Records, at his star studded music industry / fashion event in New York City , Sunday, September 28th at Bocca Di Bacco, 191 7th Ave Between 21st and 22nd street. The name of the fantasy themed party is " Undead A-Go-Go ", and will be adorned by undead go-go dancers.

He is throwing the bash together with the mysterious occult order Temple House Sahjaza , in the magical and psychedelic traditions of myth and ritual that have been a major influence in his music, songs and art from the beginning.

The highlights of the event includes a rare live performance by Jerico Of The Angels , his EDM gothic punk alter-persona that garnered international attention in the 1990s. He will be singing songs from his new 9 song EDM/Alternative CD , also called " Undead A-Go-Go" , ( release date :  October 2nd 2014 ) , available on I-Tunes and retail outlets worldwide.

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