OsiriStar Records welcomes EPM Consulting Group into it's family

  On April 19th, in New York City, OsiriStar Entertainment  founder, Jerico DeAngelo, entered   into talks with EPM Consulting Group heads Edward Pierre-Paul, Armaan Torabi and Chris Diehl to combine forces and grow an entertainment organization that would propel a creative movement in arts and entertainment.

EPM will be the managerial arm of OsiriStar Entertainment with it's four branches, OsiriStar Records, OsiriStar Publishing, OsiriStar Management, and OsiriStar Film and Television production. EPM will handle the day to day administration details for the company, as well as provide goal driven strategic planning, consulting and event organizing. In turn EPM will will benefit from having the powers of the entertainment conglomerate , including EDM and Psychedelia oriented label OsiriStar Records, planned to launch Autumn 2014.

Jerico stated , " our organization ( OsiriStar combined with EPM ) will be a leader in the entertainment business , bringing to the world excellence in arts and entertainment. The talent and projects we are taking on at the moment,  ( to be announced at a later date ) are based on excellence and not just numbers and statistics that drive most companies in our field today. We want to promote products and artists that we believe the world deserves to have. " We also have decided the organization should be built on four pillars: loyalty, mutual respect, honesty as well as creativity. this we believe will keep the organization rooted in a fertile foundation for the movement to grow and our companies to thrive."

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