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Jerico DeAngelo put a Halloween spell on the electronic dance music (EDM) charts, where he currently ranks number three in the New York City area. DeAngelo was a Goth staple in the city when he was known under his vampire punk persona Jerico Of The Angels.

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Jericho captivated and entranced his followers with several songs before making a casual exit literally leaving them wanting more....

As Jerico’s voice filled the room, male and female go-go dancers danced dressed in black latex, feathers, and harnesses around a crowd also decked out in otherworldly looks. “Undead A Go-Go is a celebration of our own ability to persevere.

Undead A Go-Go Celebrated The Glam Of Resurrection and Strength

New York City Goth staple Jerico DeAngelo, played a vampire in La Commedia del Sangue: New York City's original Vampyr Theatre, announced Undead A-Go-Go, a fantasy theme undead go-go dancer party, record release.....
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Jerico has developed a new style of electro that is very welcomed to the dance music scene. His music has considerable cross over appeal and can be played almost anywhere... Keep an eye out and Watch his talent.

Glen DJ Houseman Wlliams - VirgoLounge.Com (Jun 5, 2010)
" Jerico is breaking Down Walls ......"

"Jerico is haunting, sensual, particularly impressive, eerily effective, a strong musical presence and sense..." 


Larry Hoyt - Syracuse Post Standard

" The perfect blend of rock, club and ballad. Jerico is a musical meal you can savor and really put your fangs into....."

Stevens Lessing - The Night Timer

" I had to listen to the songs over and over again. I couldn't stop.... they pulled me into his spell....."

Linda Latique - The Linda Latique Show

"THANK YOU...AMAZING AND SUCH GOOD ENERGIE, LOVE SUSANNE XXXX"---- Susanne Bartsch, Nightclub legend and club promoter.

Susanne Bartsch (Aug 31, 2010)

" The World Is Waiting To Flow Again With The Release OF " Flow Affair" by Jerico Of The Angels ".... Just Circuit Magazine.

- Just Ciruit Magazine (Aug 22, 2010)

" Jerico is Breaking Down Walls with His Latest Techno Single " Flow Affair "... Odyssy Magazine NY & LA.

Odyssey Magazine NY & LA Edition (Sep 3, 2010)