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New Jerico Album Release 01 /22 / 2016 - January 1, 2016

NEW JERICO ALBUM CD : " Tame The Wind " to be released January 22, 2016

Genre : Alternative / Adult Contemporary / Pop

Jerico of The Angels 8 track album is made of selections he co-wrote with multi Grammy nominees Michael O'Hara  and Denise Rich. Jerico hand picked the tracks from a body of recorded demos he collaborated with them on from 1990- 1993.

Jerico :

JERICO QUOTE : " It killed me to give myself,  heart and soul, to these songs and recordings for three years, signed to a production deal with Denise Rich and Michael O'Hara from 1990 - 1993.  My project was destined to be shopped to the major labels, but fate would not weave things that way.

Their production company disbanded, leaving me with an incredible three years body of songs and recordings that sat on a shelf for 23 years. Now I've been given permission by them to release the songs on my own indie label, OsiriStar Records. "... and I have hand selected the 8 tracks on this album from that body of work from so long ago.  These songs were recorded only as demos and were never meant to be released commercially, but I felt they were just too beautiful as is, and it was time to share them with the world.

It's like I'm finally having a baby that I was pregnant with for 23 years , and I can't tell you how emotional and joyous this is. In keeping with the original concept of my recording artist project from those early 1990 years, My CD cover is made up of photos of me from that time, and I plan on releasing only photos from that time in conjunction with the album. " ... Tony Sokol , Daily Offbeat, Dec 15, 2015


Jerico Of The Angels - Tame The Wind                      Jerico Of The Angels - Tame The Wind CD

OsiriStar Stock Footage - January 4, 2015

OsiriStar Entertainment is offering for the first time, rare stock footage from it's archives, as well as music for sync licensing.

To top it off they are releasing this very valuable footage and music, royalty free, and at low prices, to compete with ever evolving market.

Clips and music can be found at :

UNDEAD A-GO-GO SEPT 28th ! - August 9, 2014

9 Go-Go Dancers  !  500 Fabulous People ! 2DJs ! Dark Sexy, Fantasy and Goth Attire..... DRINKING, SEX MAGIC, PAGANISM.  Jerico Of The Angels Debuts his latest record !


Sacred House Sahjaza and OsiriStar Records Presents " UNDEAD A-Go-Go ". A Night you will never forget !

Jerico Climbing Selective New York City EDM Charts - July 1, 2014

Riding the wave of downloaded and streamed singles from his last two CD releases " Flow Affair ( 2010) " and " SBLMNL MPCT " ( 2013), Jerico DeAngelo continues to climb selective New York City , national , and global EDM charts ... with a current ranking of #6 in the New york City area .

Jerico DeAngelo is poised to launch his new dance record label , OsiriStar Records, at his star studded music industry / fashion event in New York City , Sunday, September 28th at Bocca Di Bacco, 191 7th Ave Between 21st and 22nd street. The name of the fantasy themed party is " Undead A-Go-Go ", and will be adorned by undead go-go dancers.

He is throwing the bash together with the mysterious occult order Temple House Sahjaza , in the magical and psychedelic traditions of myth and ritual that have been a major influence in his music, songs and art from the beginning.

The highlights of the event includes a rare live performance by Jerico Of The Angels , his EDM gothic punk alter-persona that garnered international attention in the 1990s. He will be singing songs from his new 9 song EDM/Alternative CD , also called " Undead A-Go-Go" , ( release date :  October 2nd 2014 ) , available on I-Tunes and retail outlets worldwide.

For more info and ticket sales to the event on September 28th, visit :







Jerico to throw NYC Event Sept 28th 2014 - June 1, 2014

Grammy nominated songwriter Jerico DeAngelo will sing his new record release " Undead A-Go-Go"  at a recurring party he is launching in New York City Sunday, Sept. 28th, sponsored by Temple Sahjaza and OsiriStar Records.

The event, named " Undead A-Go-Go"  will be a star studed gala involving living legends from fashion, entertainment and art.

OsiriStar Records welcomes EPM Consulting Group into it's family - April 19, 2014

  On April 19th, in New York City, OsiriStar Entertainment  founder, Jerico DeAngelo, entered   into talks with EPM Consulting Group heads Edward Pierre-Paul, Armaan Torabi and Chris Diehl to combine forces and grow an entertainment organization that would propel a creative movement in arts and entertainment.

EPM will be the managerial arm of OsiriStar Entertainment with it's four branches, OsiriStar Records, OsiriStar Publishing, OsiriStar Management, and OsiriStar Film and Television production. EPM will handle the day to day administration details for the company, as well as provide goal driven strategic planning, consulting and event organizing. In turn EPM will will benefit from having the powers of the entertainment conglomerate , including EDM and Psychedelia oriented label OsiriStar Records, planned to launch Autumn 2014.

Jerico stated , " our organization ( OsiriStar combined with EPM ) will be a leader in the entertainment business , bringing to the world excellence in arts and entertainment. The talent and projects we are taking on at the moment,  ( to be announced at a later date ) are based on excellence and not just numbers and statistics that drive most companies in our field today. We want to promote products and artists that we believe the world deserves to have. " We also have decided the organization should be built on four pillars: loyalty, mutual respect, honesty as well as creativity. this we believe will keep the organization rooted in a fertile foundation for the movement to grow and our companies to thrive."

World Wide Video Release - January 21, 2014

TOMORROW NOON, January 22 2014, the world wide release of new music video " Be With Me" , one of two original piano compositions set to dance music from the new EDM cd " SBLMNL MPCT".

tune Into :

New CD -SBLMNL MPCT Sept 21st 2013 - August 28, 2013


Jerico's highly anticipated CD release SBLMNL MPCT is scheduled to be released September 21st 2013

SBLMNL MPCT is a work de force. It is a 9 song compilation in which Jerico has created his own ELECTRONIC DANCE / NEW AGE sound , blending elements of classical, tribal house and trance music. 

The Album includes seven instrumental compositions, and two versions with vocals.

" I'm proud of this work. It's where I'm at now, and it shows the world my intense classical side and passionate dance influence "



" FLOW AFFAIR " Music Video To Premiere on YouTube.Com Valentines Day 8:00 - February 13, 2011

Jerico Of The Angels Music Video Shoot at Chashama Art Galleries in New York City.

On Feb 14th, 8:00 PM EST , Jerico Of The Angels " Flow Affair" Music Video will premiere worldwide.

Featuring Benny Ninja ( America's Next Top Model ) , Javier Ninja, and John Ninja from the HOUSE OF NINJA, and the Legendary Aaron Enigma.

Flow Affair is the title track to the new documentary by Wolfgang Busch,
Documenting the history of flagging in the gay community and culminating with a new dance mixing flagging with vouge.

Jerico is Putting The Final Touches On His Soon to Be release " Flow Affair" - July 1, 2010

While Man Parrish the Legendary " Godfather of Electronic Music " finishes his Amazing remix of Jerico's Techno Single, Jerico Prepares his promotion for hi first release in ten years,  date of release sometime in Spring..... to be anounced.

Jerico Is Breaking Down Walls - April 2, 2010

Jerico DeAngelo, Breaking Down Walls ....

Jerico DeAngelo,  was recognized with a Pill Award for his work producing a documentary, “Octavia St. Laurent: Queen of the Underworld,” on Sunday, Jan. 24, in New York City.
Sam Tenney / The Citizen
Jerico DeAngelo, of Auburn, recently received an award for a documentary he produced called “Octavia St. Laurent: Queen of the Underworld.”
This honor is the most recent in what has been a long career in the entertainment industry for DeAngelo

 Jaso Goback- Auburn Citizen,


Jerico to Share the Stage With # 1 Hit Record Stars Meli'sa Morgan and Melba Moore - March 11, 2010

On April 23 rd Jerico DeAngelo as " Jerico Of The Angels " will Perform a sneak preview of his up and coming techno single " Flow Affair" at a fund raiser for the Documentary by Wolfgang Busch in which " Flow Affair" is the title song.  the multi Platinum recording artist Meli'sa Morgan is also scheduled to sing a song she co-wrote with Jerico and the # 1 hit songwriter Michael O'Hara called ' All In The Name Of Love" , also being used in the soundtrack to Busch's Film. Legendary Melba Moore is also scheduled to perform That Night.

Flow Affair

Jerico DeAngelo is awarded the PILL for Best Documentary ! - January 25, 2010

On Sunday, January 24th 2010, Jerico DeAngelo ( Jerico of The Angels) was awarded the PILL at ARENA NIGHT CLUB in NEW YORK CITY  for the winning documentary he produced: " OCTAVIA ST. LAURENT OF THE UNDERGROUND".

Jerico Gets A Pil Award in New York  for Best Documentary  Jerico Shows Off His PILL award to the Nights others Winners... ALien Nation.


The Piece was a short montage featuring the Famous Transsexual movie star of " PARIS IS BURNING " , Octavia St. Laurent, who passed away in May of 2009. Octavia St. Laurent

" Octavia St. Laurent Queen Of The Underground"  Producer: Jerico DeAngelo, Director: Adam Soch, Camera by Adam Soch and Edited by Adam Soch. Title Song Written by Michael O'Hara and Jerico DeAngelo, Produced by Michael Ohara, and Sung by Octavia.


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