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I was inspired to write this song while driving through a small town upstate New York.... there was no one on the street.... in mid day.... I imagine that the townspeople could have been vampires, and only came out by night.... much like many nights of life.... back home safe by dawn.... and of course the sign swinging on the post across the street at that moment did read " NIGHT CRAWLERS FOR SALE "

From My CD  " UNDEAD A GO GO " -- RELEASE DATE OCTOBER 2ND 2014, and is one of the songs I am singing at my OsiriStar Records company launch party at my club night " Undead A-Go-Go " SUNDAY September 28th, 2014. 191 7th Avenue, New York City.
this is my song " NIGHT CRAWLERS " ........ Enjoy
NIGHT CRAWLERS ........ Enjoy Night Crawlers
Mid day, driving through this town.
Quiet streets no one is around
( But an )Old man sitting on his [...]
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When I first conceived of my New CD " Undead A-Go-Go " , The Undead go go dancers represented us all being resurrected after life has killed your spirit. We come back... but we are stronger than the living... we are undead.
The 9 song CD is a trip to this undead go-go bar.... and the music on the CD is obviously what you would hear as the dancers dance.The productions are EDM with house , tribal and electronica influences .... but with an alternative pop sensibility, Goth undertones and sense of humor with the subtle 1960s go-go feel throughout. ( think of the song theme to the old 60s TV show " The Munsters " meet 21st Century Dance music.
Then I decided to actually create a real undead A-Go-Go Party in New York City to kick off the Halloween season.... I thought that would just be the ultimate....  a song written about a fictional place and then actually creating that place in reality to debut my CD , and sing as my alter goth punk persona " Jerico Of The Angels "....... Blog Written [...]
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